A Leadership Gift For You!!!

A leadership gift for you! The fastest way we can develop and benefit from great leaders is to share ideas and information about what leadership really is! Here is a scroll I give to my clients to share with whomever they want.

YOU can do the same, with my blessings and hopes for A New Breed of Leaders at every level. …….Dr. Sheila

A New Breed of Leader Scroll.…. Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel

We are living in a transformational era with limitless possibilities. No generation of leaders has had such an opportunity to solve our greatest problems, bringing people together to work and live in a safe and harmonious planet.

1. Competence Matters…Building Purpose
Competence is doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time. Vision backed by competence can move mountains and turn dreams into realities.

2. Accountability Matters…Fostering Trust
Accountability is about doing what’s right even when no one is looking. Leading is Primarily about the relationship between the leader and the led, and trust is at its core.

3. Openness Matters…Generating Integrity
Openness involves candor and frankness. It’s most important byproduct is integrity. When your words and actions match you earn trust and the right to be called a leader.

4. Language Matters…Connecting Relationships
Words inspire or discourage, hurt or help, divide or connect, cause fear or give hope. Used artistically and sensitively they build bridges of steel between you and your followers.

5. Values Matter…Forging Community
Strong values are like a fixed beacon giving direction and purpose to the other seven qualities. Your moral compass guides others as they navigate the issues of our new century.

6. Perspective Matters…Establishing Balance
Perspective and the balance it generates, yields a sense of promise that builds community and connectedness. The counterpoint of past and present guides your transition into the future.

7. Power Matters…Mastering Influence
Power is the prime mover of people and events. The wise use of humble power gives you an aura of dignity and your influence is increased a thousand fold.

8. Humility Matters…Inspiring Authenticity
Authentic leaders know that humility is not weakness and arrogance is not strength. The greatest leaders are servant leaders who unite others in a set of shared goals and a common purpose.

You can stand and be counted as one who will do his or her part. Knowing that in combination with millions of other leaders, you will leave a legacy of deep footprints forming a global path to a better world for all generations that follow.

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