Are You A Leader Who Makes A Difference?

Building A Better You..Are you a leader who makes a difference?

“Learning you get from school. Education you get from life.” —Mark Twain

It is never too early or too late to become better educated, to consider a new type or style of leadership to help you be as effective as possible.

At age 92 legendary Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes was ill and in the hospital. His friend President Roosevelt came to visit him. When Roosevelt entered the room he saw Justice Holmes reading a Greek primer. “What are you doing Mr. Justice?” asked the President, “Reading.” answered Holmes, “I can see that” said the President, “But why a Greek primer?” Holmes answered, “Why Mr. President, to improve my mind.”

Regardless of your experience, you will be better able to fulfill your position as leader with the eight qualities that matter most. (See Sept. post for list of the 8 qualities, or buy the book A New Breed Of Leaders.)

As a beginning leader, you’ll have a clear set of guideposts on which to base your growth.

If you are a supervisor or mid-level manager you will be more adept at identifying your current strengths and weaknesses.

As an upper-level manager or executive the benefit is the insight to reassess the leadership qualities that brought you to that position.

When to begin being a better leader?  Right now……..the world is hungry for true leadership.

Why me? Why not you? There is no shortage of places you can step in and lead or an hour, a day, a week, a month. a year!!!!!

Will it matter? Absolutely! Have no doubt that even the smallest attempt to lead will combine with all the other efforts to create a wave of improvement.

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