PLEASE….CUSTOMER FOCUS….not customer service!

Customer Service has been a hot topic for a long time. Unfortunately it is rarely easy to find.

What has happened?

Either we don’t really understand what excellence in service is, or we are so wrapped up in the service process that we have forgotten what the end game is all about— that of satisfied, happy, loyal customers.

Internal customers come first

Don’t forget that an organization’s first customer is its own people, our internal customers. Until they know we care about their needs and recognize them for their individual contribution, they’ll never effectively serve others well. Which of course means that our message of service excellence will never get to our external customers.

The subtle shift

Enter the subtle but powerful shift of focus…moving from simply thinking “good customer service” to understanding the more powerful and profitable position of customer focus.

Picture the interdependent circles of your organization as links in a circular chain with a single purpose: satisfied, happy, loyal, referral bearing customers. In our global village, our customer’s success is our success.

There are three interdependent parts of true customer focus:

First:   Customer Servicing. This is the operations part, doing the task well.

Second:   Customer Relations. This is the human part, the one-on-one actions.

Third:   Customer Development. This is the sales and retention part that brings true satisfaction to every transaction.

The Major “Drivers”

The speed of change, the development of partnerships, alliances, and networks,  along with the concentration on customer focus are now inexorably bound together.

They are the major drivers that confront us as we rush foward in our new millennium.

We can be driven, pushed, pulled, and hustled along against our will. Or we can understand and embrace them, plan strategically for their affects on our organizations and literally jump out in front of our marketplace as pace setters.

The choice is ours.



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One Response to PLEASE….CUSTOMER FOCUS….not customer service!

  1. Phil Polson says:

    When Dr Sheila Bethel Murray speaks about customer focus anyone serious about selling should take careful note. Sheila is not only widely recognised in the Corporate World as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject, she is also one of the key influencers and drivers in people doing things differently; things for the better.

    Sheila suggests a subtle but powerful shift is occurring, in this current global economy I think it even more urgent than that. An urgent shift is needed from the top down. No sense having the customer contact people well schooled in customer focus if the people at the top haven’t fully committed to and become passionate about it first.

    Emotions play a big part in people’s performance, both in your own people and within your client’s people. Customer focus reflects rapidly on the bottom-line. Not only are partnerships, alliances, and networks important but also for retailers the landlord’s ability to attract and hold good tenants, which keeps attracting good customers depends on your customer’s satisfaction.

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