Six Critical Leadership Questions

Have you challenged your leadership effectiveness lately?

Do you have the courage to take a hard look at how your words and actions affect your followers?

Here are six leadership questions to ask yourself every single day. They will keep you on track to accomplishing your personal and organizational goals. Why? Because they build community, core values and shared visions.

Six Leadership Challenge Questions:

1. What message is my example sending today?

2. What can I do today to help my people change?

3. Who can I praise today?

4. What will I do today to build trust?

5. What words will I use today to give hope?

6. How will I set an example of humility today?

Two Minutes Each Day!

Write these six quesitons down on paper and keep them in your electronic devices. Take two minutes at the beginning of each day to find and enhance your answers and your leadership.

The payoffs are huge! The rewards to you and your followers can never be measured…..they are endless.

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