The Age of Questions Is Here….If You Wish To Lead

“One good question can be more explosive than a thousand answers.”

We are living with the most complex issues since time began. There are no simple answers. It is critical to draw on well th

Having all the answers is far less important to you than knowing what to ask. Both the questions and answers will be invaluable guides for new leadership effort and results.

Insightful questions open doors and throw light on unresolved problems. They give you an astute understanding of how to be a better leader. They free you from entrenched ideas and outdated procedures.

A four-year-old child may drive a parent crazy asking questions. But if you take a clue from the little ones and apply that same kind of inquisitiveness in your leadership quest, you will be greatly expanding as a New Breed Leader.

The 5 W’s

Use the “5 W’s” we learned in school (who, what, when, where and why) and add the question “how?” But of the six questions, why is most powerful. Many organizations and individuals have gone completely off course because they first asked how to do something instead of first asking why they should to do it.

Truly successful leaders have the courage to pause and ask “why”. They understand that why comes first because it’s the foundation for making things happen.

They understand:

Why competence—intellectual, emotional, strategic and instinctive—tops the list of effective leadership, giving birth to powerful visions and purpose.

Why being accountable for your actions and all that happens on your watch is the key to building credibility and trust.

Why openness, being direct and truthful, is the finest way to build leadership integrity.

Why humility builds authenticity and why arrogance destroys it.

Why language can tear down a person or an organization or build bridges as strong as steel between people and groups.
Why values bind us together in our shared purpose and common ideals.

Why perspective, the ability to help people keep life and business in balance, in times of great change, is a critical leadership skill for moving into the future.

Why the power inherent in the charter between the leader and the led must be protected against all of our basest human instincts.

Asking why is one of the most significant contributions you can make to your organization.

The person who knows how will always find a place in life. The person who knows why will inevitably be the leader.

Questions reveal the why’s of any organization, project or leaders vision! To lead ask Why!

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